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In a world of snapshots, Maurizio Pollini is a landscape artist. A musical architect of the highest order, Pollini sculpts form and structure carefully, revealing keen insights along the way. With Pollini, we receive an awe-inspiring, crystal clear view of both iconic compositions and the newest music. He is one of the finest pianists of our era.

Individual tickets available starting Monday, September 14, 2009, at 617-482-6661.

Official Website: http://www.celebrityseries.org

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Here is Pollini's program:

All Chopin

Fantaisie in F minor, Op. 49

Four Mazurkas, Op. 41
No. 1: Mazurka in C-sharp minor
No. 2: Mazurka in E minor
No. 3: Mazurka in B Major
No. 4: Mazurka in A-flat Major

Sonata No. 2 in B-flat minor, Op. 35

Two Nocturnes, Op. 48
No. 1: Nocturne in C minor
No. 2: Nocturne in F-sharp minor

Polonaise in F-sharp minor, Op. 44

Ballade in F minor, Op. 52, No. 4

Polonaise in A-flat Major, Op. 53 (Heroic)