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Pierrot’s Troupe presents
Maulana Azad – (A Solo by Tom Alter)
JANUARY 23 (Sun) 7 PM: Duration: 2 hrs
Script and Direction: Dr. M. SAYEED ALAM

Pierrot’s Troupe‘s Maulana Azad is all set to be staged once again in Delhi: This time to celebrate the completion of 100 shows.

Dubbed as the “most brilliant solo play in the history of Indian Theatre” and performed all over India and abroad, the play has 102 shows to its credit.

The one portraying Maulana Azad is India’s one and only Urdu speaking Tom Alter. And the credit to produce the play goes to one and only Pierrot’s Troupe, “the purveyor of original plays” in India.

In his foreword to Maulana Azad’s India Wins Freedom, Humayun Kabir mentions the Maulana as a “wonderful conversationalist”. So is Maulana Azad of the play Maulana Azad. The play progresses in the backdrop of Maulana Azad dictating notes for his book. In doing so, the Maulana often digresses from the subject – the political. He discusses no less an entire gamut of ‘apolitical’ too – ranging from White Jasmine Tea to Tajmahal, from Music to Mecca and Cigarette to Cheeta Khan. Maulana’s narrative includes numerous entertaining anecdotes characterizing his personality, life and times. His personal relations with Gandhi, Nehru, Patel and Jinnah and his views against partition also come forward for a review in the course of the play.

Tom Alter - 60, is an Indian national of American origin. His long-standing association with theater spans over many a classic and modern play including, Larins Saheb, Tughlaq, Arms and the Man, Waiting for Godot, Maulana Azad, Whatever You Say, Tri Sanga, Hanoosh, K.L. Saigal, Aishwarya, God Says Cheers, City of Djinns, Ghalib, Ghalib Ke Khat, Intehaa, Raja Nahar Singh, The Wall etc. A Gold Medallist from the reputed Film and Television Institute of India, he has acted in over 250 films and TV Serials
Dr. M. Sayeed Alam - ,40, is a man of varied interests. He was a University teacher and a journalist before taking up his passion as profession in 1996. Ever since, he has written and directed 20 plays to critical acclaim and appreciative audiences. Ghalib in New Delhi (Comedy), Ghalib, Maulana Azad, Modern Art 2000 (Comedy), Dastaan Kahte Kahte (On Begum Akhtar) K.L. Saigal, Ghalib ke Khat, Tumko Chahoon, Big B (Comedy), Raja Nahar Singh, Shareek-e-Ghalib, Ghalib, Cut..Cut..Cut.. (Comedy) , 1947, A Private Affair (Comedy) etc. are his prominent works on stage.
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