140 Second Avenue
New York, New York 10003

Matthew Roth is the editor of UncivilServants.org, a project of Transportation Alternatives, a website that allows New Yorkers to post
photos of vehicles abusing government-issued parking permits.
UncivilServants.org has been designed to give as much information as possible to the public about how permits are issued, how they should be used, and how they are continuously abused. Community groups, residents, and local businesses hurt by illegal parking now have a resource to be sure the abuse doesn't go unheeded. Unlike complaints referred to 311 that often result in actions that don't alleviate the problem, UncivilServants.org will be following up with agency heads on every instance of abuse that is documented with sufficient data.

Official Website: http://www.ManhattanLP.org

Added by RonMoore on May 22, 2007