2131 E 71st St
Indianapolis, Indiana 46220

Formed in 1998, Matt Pond PA's music was featured on the FOX series 'The O.C.' The lineup changed just after the release of the band's debut, 'Deer Apartments.' Singer/songwriter Matt Pond is joined by Dan Crowell, Steve Jewett, Matthew Daniel Siskin and Chris Hansen. Songwriter/guitarist/vocalist Pete Francis combines everything from funk to pop, jazz to rock, and blues to reggae. Authenticity's a term that's grown increasingly inaccurate in a music culture dominated by pre-fabrication and constantly contrived falsity. But even in the midst of the climate's surrounding bleakness with a mentality to water everything down to its blandest base possible, troubadour Dick Prall is the direct antithesis. On his recent release 'fizzlebuzzie' the former Starch Martins front man embodies qualities like sincere songwriting, unadulterated singing, a damn fine troupe of instrumental backers and an uncanny ability to artistically satisfy without the industry's outside influence.

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