323 New Cross Road, Rocklands
London, England SE14

Punky evening of Film screenings and visuals with an Aftershow Party starring STARS.

Seriously in increasing demand aural-artnik genius - "Fabulously frenetic" (NME) - that recently blew the sky from Offset, Bestival, Underage Festival, Vice Spain Launch and with Foals/Battles... Maths Class will get properly ARTFUL after appearing at this year's In The City. "Incredible. Best live band in the country right now" - (Artrocker)

So anyway, the DJ was just turning down the volume before their set when shrieks of excitement at decibels from females at the front heralded the arrival of Messengers - electrofury punktastica tinged with glam and infused with dynamite. Industry interest zoomed in so early that the band zoned out and concentrated on increasing their armoury of tunes and ideas. They return to Rocklands Club, the scene of the fantastic crime. Do not miss them.

In your face(book?) Alt/Art blues punkers that kicked arse at the Halloween Festival film makers in bands night. Purveyors of the occasional madness that is White Coffin Club and ready to rock

The folks filming early incarnation of Innercity Pirates and Hatcham Social, plus Corporation:Blend, The Miggs, Bloc Party, Art Brut and (requested Rocklands club fave tunes to spin) - Twisted Charm and Special Needs - are Digital Sneakers. Who have since gone stellar with Channel 4 appearances with their fab short movies, every film festival worth it's salt, MTV2 acclaim, Bafta nominations, you name it. Man they are well in demand now, but had to be here. As did Zac Needs who will be in the house.
Roman Rappak, he of the fab Bretton, is a movie maker supreme also, recently starring on the Sci Fi Channel. Ties in nicely with the 01 Oct Artful show at Brixton Windmill by Spoon Of Music, as he made the Kasms video also.
Oh yes, the Playing Class Friends are all one big hillbilly family, yee haa!

For instance check out how we came across Loose Belt our up and coming creators.... Earwax Radio turn New Cross Inn into a radio studio every now and then with the help of Ben The Sound. They record some damn fine sessions for their bi-weekly interview, best new music, news etc broadcasts with a growing international subscription. (and thumbs up from some cool well known radio presenters!). Anyway, the phamous Phil Phamous (Inn bar manager) is from The Moon (loadsa intergalactic space travellers in the area). They did a session, Joe from The Moon's friends filmed it and were so impressive and professional, belying their teenage fresh faces that Music Tourist Board lassooed them into filming the happy solstice celebration that was A Midsummer Dream at the Inn in June. With bands like Chew Lips, Olympians, Kids Love Lies, The Skuzzies and more gracing the stage. The first clips will be part of this evening's entertainment.


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