220 N. Washington Street
Falls Church, Virginia 22046-4517

Genre: Indie Rock

After serving time in many bands in Lawrence, Kansas, Jason Hammel and Kori Gardner fell in love and started their own. The couple abandoned guitars and armed themselves with only a drum kit and a big-ass organ. Now they bang out minimalist yet robust pop melodies with elaborate harmonies while hurling beautifully artless vocals at one another like sharpened knives.

"Four songs? Four short songs, one of which was written by the White Duke himself? After all this waiting from something from this addicting duo, 4 songs will barely fill my Mates of State craving for a couple of weeks. Never one to turn away great music, I console myself with the hopes of a full length in the future. Hammel and Gardner’s organ and drums combo is so much better than the other 2 person projects that are sweeping the indie landscape. More exciting than The White Stripes and better looking than the Black Keys, Mates of State are content to be in love and tell the world about it. Nothing other than a drum set and a heaven-to-the-ears-organ could match such personalities as they defiantly avoid all public blow-ups, backstage antics, and whatever else made Ike and Tina so incompatible. - CDReviews.com on "All Day"

Mates of State's sweet vocals seduce listeners with their perfect harmony. All Day is one of those rare collections of songs that makes me happy not because it inspires me to dance but because it has a rich, ethereal quality that totally distracts me from my day-to-day angst. - EarLash.com

Wednesday September 27
Doors: 7 PM
Showtime 9 PM
Tickets: $13

Official Website: http://www.thestatetheatre.com/band%20-%20mates%20of%20state.htm

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schedule two just posted 5 new live videos of mates of state from their show in minneapolis this past april. they're amazing! check em out (for FREE!) at scheduletwo.com!