564 Fourth Street (between Brannan & Bryant)
San Francisco, California 94107

Going to be in San Francisco for Office 2.0? Or live in SF and know people who are coming? Want to put some faces to those avatars on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook?

Join us for the Match Faces to Avatars Dinner!

At Zuppa, 564 4th.

Official Website: http://www.acidlabs.org/2007/08/29/match-faces-to-avatars-dinner-september-7-san-francisco/

Added by trib on August 28, 2007



I'll do my best to be there! Get Stowe to pick something in SOMA! :)


Great idea! And it'll be great to meet you in person!


I obviously have no idea, as it's my first trip to SF. My Lonely Planet guide tells me the following are good - keeping in mind this is very casual:

- 21st Amendment @ 563 2nd
- AsiaSF @ 201 9th
- Basil @ 1175 Folsom (mmm... Thai!)
- Lulu @ 816 Folsom
- Thirsty Bear @ 661 Howard

I'm sure there are a gazillion others.


The most casual would be 21st Amendment and Thirsty Bear. Now...AsiaSF is awesome, but kind of a 'night out'. All of the staff are really really hot Asian Trannies and there are shows periodically throughout the meal. Loads of fun, but not terribly conducive to talking. Lulu can be kind of pricey. Basil is pretty yummy.

I would also suggest Osha Thai if it is Thai food you desire. :)


Osha gets awfully loud, although it can be good.

Lulu = expensive, but sedate.

I like Zuppa, which is right around the corner from me, near 4th and Brannan. Smaller, good Italian-ish, nice pizza, not too expensive. See http://www.zuppa-sf.com/.

Basil can be good, might be too small: http://www.basilthai.com/.

I also like Annabelle's (4th and Mission), for slightly more money and a good bar.


Tara, absolutely no preference. I just want to socialise. The Lonely Planet warns about AsiaSF. Sounds a lot like the place I was taken on my Bucks Night 10 years ago - the same pub that's in the opening scene of "Priscilla, Queen of the Desert".

I pretty much just want to do food and drink and awesome people.

No particular food - we have about six really good Thai places with 20 minutes drive of our place.

Happy to ignore Lonely Planet and go on the recommendation of the locals (for which read you, Chris, Stowe, etc.).


Stowe, if you could book somewhere that will hold, I'm guessing 10-15 on a big table, that would be awesome. Pick somewhere affordable but nice. I trust your judgment.
A good bar is a fine thing - so long as they have decent cold beer, a good Kiwi Sauvignon Blanc, a nice Margaret River Shiraz and a worthwhile malt. But hey, while I'm visiting I guess I should try local wines - they're very hard to find here in Oz.


I'm up for Thai!


I will do Zuppa -- they have a private room. Nice italian/california food. All the thai places are really loud, not good, expensive, or too small.


Zuppa it is! See you all there.