45 Church Road
Hove, England BN3 2BE

When: Wednesday 10th of June 2009 from 6pm

Register: http://thewerks.org.uk/2009/6/1/mastermind-session-with-sue-taylor

Delivered by Sue Taylor of TLC Inspires.

This session is to promote the power of small groups we are calling these Masterminds @ The Werks

Have you ever worked through the day/week with a particular work problem on your mind? Not sure where to go with it or how to tackle it – it just stays there, then you meet up with someone and while chatting they say something that leads you to solving that dilemma? You might call it coincidence or a lucky meeting! I think it is a meeting of minds that can be orchestrated. I facilitate such meetings of minds.

Through my years of learning and growing as well as being self employed I have logged what works and what doesn’t.

These are the benefits I have found through facilitating groups of like minded but very different people.

* Working alone can be therapeutic and just what you want to do but there is no-one to bounce ideas off or give you feedback, it is sometimes lonely.
* Share, solve and support through a trusted group all wanting a similar outcome.
* A respected comment can unleash a burst of creativity
* Develop your people skills such as listening, selling, dealing with difficult people.
* Bring renewed motivation to a stagnant week.
* Hearing what works for others can provide marketing or technical ideas for you.
* Being part of a group can help with your commitment to achieve in the allotted time.
* Helps you focus on the step by step process rather than the big picture.
* Helps you visualise the big picture that makes you take those small steps.

I could go on because different people get different things but all want passionately to work for themselves.

Please come to see what it is all about. Groups will be formed and the next meet will be arranged. The cost of each Mastermind meet will be discussed then, but it will definitely be affordable.

Official Website: http://www.thewerks.org.uk

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