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Engaging Presentations: Some fundamental principles by Alex Hayward.

Whether you are currently giving presentations on a regular basis or not, being able to present effectively is one of those essential skills required in business today. It may be that you are looking to get people excited about an idea you have, or you are involved in sales pitches to potential new clients, or may be you are required to give business updates to a team that you are managing.

Whatever your current situation, it is useful to be able to handle nerves well and deliver your presentations in a confident and engaging manner. While there is nothing that beats practise in developing this skill, having a strong foundation of a clear, well structured and compelling presentation goes a long way to injecting people with confidence.

What you will gain from this master class is an underlying structure that you can apply to any presentation. It will allow you to answer the 4 key questions that any audience will want answers to, regardless of the topic. It also has the benefit of allowing you to be more conversational rather than tied to a script, which gives you some insight into why PowerPoint is overused and why it might be useful to encourage people to ask more questions rather than do your best to avoid them.

The presenter, Alex Hayward started his career at British Airways where he had various technical and commercial roles over a 15 year period. This included a number of sales management roles where he was involved in multi-million £ negotiations as well as being recognised for his skill in coaching and developing the sales teams that worked for him.

Alex is a skilled trainer, having had extensive development at Momentum Consultants and further training in coaching, psychotherapy and NLP. Alex provides an insight into why people behave the way they do and a practical approach to training which enables people to accelerate their development.

Since 2003 he has been a consultant working in organisations such as IBM, Norwich Union and Transport Research Laboratories where he has been coaching graduates to senior managers in influencing skills, negotiating and managing people effectively.

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