1519 Mission Street
San Francisco, California 94103

Join us for a climactic evening about the mechanics of pleasure and how we can gain mastery over our arousal. Many men want to learn how to prolong orgasm and control ejaculation. Women are often concerned with reaching climax or becoming multi-orgasmic.

Men and women alike can experience more full-body sensation, prolonged arousal, longer orgasms and multiple climaxes. And yet, the only "optimal" arousal is one that feels good to you and is right for the time and space of each particular sexual encounter. Only have time for a quickie? Or ready to extend your arousal through an entire evening? Do you want a full body glow or an intense climax? Simple, easily learned skills can greatly extend your range of options and allow you to be the author of your own pleasure. Join us for a lively evening exploration of your own inner pleasure mechanics.

Official Website: http://www.pleasuremechanics.com/workshops.html

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