344 Tully Rd.
San Jose, California 95111

Alright peeps!

The Paintball is ON. Tamiko, Russ, Miles.. y'all are invited.

It's at Santa Clara Paintball on Tully at the fairgrounds. Invite your friends! email me adam [at] isimple.net for details.

Official Website: http://www.santaclarapaintball.com/

Added by Altmann on September 6, 2006



If you have fatigues, wear them!

Otherwise, old jeans, sturdy shoes and an old long sleeved shirt/sweatshirt will do fine.

Bring a garbage bag and change of clothes if you're itching to change afterwards. Or at least a towel so you don't get paint on the car seats.


Massive paintpall, ouch


When is this shindig going to run until?


'round 3-4 or so. Or whenever you need medivac.


Agh, sorry! I have waaaay too much homework.

madam memex

Oh man, I'm bent out of shape. I'll keep my eye on this one though.


I'll try to make it if I can shake this cough. :)