London, England

TV 2.0 - the next mashup* event will be on 18th July 2007, at BT Centre Newgate Street, London

A mashup of TV, Web and Mobile is transforming the broadcast content world which has gone largely unchanged for its entire consumer life. For more than 60 years the TV has entertained, informed and captivated but as the traditional model disappears, content promises to become completely personalized, interactive and enjoyed on-demand.

A quick search for “TV” will give you a wide range of opinion on what TV2.0 could be, the imaginary services, the level of choice, new shared social experiences, the endless possibilities for new services and technology choices. TV2.0 mashup* event will provide speakers who can provide expert observations and debate about what TV2.0 is and how it will be delivered? The debate will address:-

1. Who will generate the most content for a fragmented world? Professional or Armatures

2. Which line of site screen will be the most valuable?

3. What does ‘no constraints’ really mean and how can it be delivered

4. What will happen to content made for an audience?

5. Will there still be a shared social experience. “What did you think of the Eastenders story line last night”

6. Which platform will be the most important web, mobile or broadcast?

7. Sky, BT, BBC, ITV – who will win and who will loose?

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Event costs £35, be nice if that was mentioned somewhere obvious.