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mashup* Demo has been created because we've been asked by many startups and growing businesses if they can present/demo at mashup* Events. As you may be aware we do have a few relevant companies providing demo's at mashup* Events but we simply don't have the abiltiy to allow multiple companies to present....so...we've decided to create mashup* Demo to provide a simple and effective way for startups, growing businesses, enterprises and corporates to present themsevels to an audience of professionals who would include:- investors, media journalists and bloggers, potential partners and industry influencers. Many of these will include people who have attended previous mashup* Events.

15.00 - 18.00 in central London, followed by a drinks reception afterwards.

mashup* Demo will work like this:

1) there will be up to 15 Demo companies presenting

2) there will be up to 150 people in the audience at each session

3) tea & coffee will be served for 45 mins before the kick off time for each session (2.15pm) which allow a general amount of networking/ positioning to take place

4) each demo company will have a "5 minute" slot to pitch why people in the audience should come and talk to them and see their extended demo, immediatly after all the presentations. There will be brief Q&A - use of the Internet is encouraged to actually do a brief demo.

5) each demo company will have a desk with WiFi to present what they are doing to audience in the general networking area.

6) each Demo company will be listed on the mashup* Demo website.

7) each Demo company will be highlighted in all emails to all mashup* Demo attendees in relation to the mashup* Demo! event.

8) each Demo company will be able to host their video (from the event and/or a pre-made one) on the mashup* Demo site for up to 6 months.

Costs... we've considered this carefully so have tried to price things fairly.

* to attend the event as an investors, partner etc. will cost £35 inc. tea/coffee and snacks

* to attend the event as blogger/journalist the event will be free - but if you don't blog about mashup* Event/Demo and the companies you've seen then you'll need to pay ;)

* to attend the event as a Demo company will cost £350 - if you'd like to discuss a reduced price please get in touch - mashup* is not 'for profit' so we're totally committed to making this work for all where needed

We would consider corporate sponsorship for the overall event, please get in touch with us if you're interested in discussing this.

Official Website: http://mashupevent.com

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