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London, England

Theme: Being-Location-Aware

The geospatial web is changing and fast! Being location aware is fast becoming a reality for millions of people through their mobile phone and other devices.

We're also seeing an explosion in location aware devices of all kinds and as the barriers to accessing and using location information are lowered we're seeing a massive increase in the number of players offering consumer and enterprise services.

At mashup* on the 19th March 2009 we'll be discussing, debating and demoing 'Being-Location-Aware' and asking:

What are the services ? What are the location services we'll come to expect - it's not just about maps anymore - it's much much more. We'll explore the new location aware services and applications.

What about privacy ? As soon as you mention location people start thinking about 'big brother'. We'll be discussing the realities of privacy management and how social perceptions of location are changing.

Where is the money ? The economy is in a full blown recession - how will being location aware help your business grow ? What are the business models ?


As ever we'll have a few location aware companies demoing their products & services. If you'd like to demo please get in touch [email protected]

Location: London (TBC)

Postcode & Map:

Registration: £35 + VAT


18h00 - Registration (tea/coffee & biscuits)
18h30 - Speakers/Panel
19h00 - Panel/Q&A
20h10 - Networking & Demos

Official Website:

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