801 California Street
Mountain View, California 94041

Marketing Your Talents
-Your next Challenge and A Resume to support it
-Before During, and After the Interview
By Executive Recruiter Sandy Sanderson

Time & Date:
1pm-4pm, Saturday Feburary 16, 2008

(Fenwick & West LLP)
801 California Street
Mountain View, California 94041

1:00-1:30pm Networking and Registration
1:30-1:40pm SCEA overview and Speaker Introduction
1:40-2:40pm Session 1 -- 'Your next Challenge and A
Resume to support it'
2:40-2:50pm Quick Bio-Break
2:50-3:50pm Session 2 -- 'Before During, and After the

Pre-Registration: SCEA Member Free; $10 Non-Member
Registration URL: Click here
On-Site Registration: $20 for both member and
non-member, seat is not guaranteed

Presentation Summary and Speaker Bio:

'Discovering your next Challenge':
This may be time to rediscover your passion for life.
It is a unique ability to be able to step back and
take a reflective look into one's past. This
presentation is intended to provide a reflective look
at what you have accomplished and what you want to
accomplish. Looking for a new opportunity is stressful
but can be a positive opportunity to review, reflect,
challenge, and think outside the box in discovering
what you should do with your life going forward. Be
careful, this presentation may take you to places you
haven't thought about in some time and may uncover
your true passion for building something you are proud

'Building a Resume that tells your Story':
Your resume should tell you story with a clear
'Picture' of your experience, capabilities, education,
skills, and accomplishments in a one or two page
summary. Your résum?#39;s purpose is to get your foot
in the door. A resume does its job successfully if it
does not exclude you from consideration. To prepare a
successful resume, you need to know how to review,
summarize, and present your experiences and
achievements in a concise manner. This presentation
will guide you through a review of your resume from
the perspective of the hiring interviewer and their

'Before, During, and after the Interview':
The Boy Scouts have it right. 'Be prepared'. The job
interview is only a stop along the path of securing a
new position. In some respect by the time you get to
the interview if you haven't done your homework
it may be to late to secure the job. This
presentation will also talk about: 'killer resumes',
working with recruiters, and assuring you have the
best information possible in presenting yourself in
the interview.

Speaker Bio: Mr. Sanderson has over thirty-five years
of senior executive search, technology marketing, and
start-up company management experience. His background
includes member of the founding executive team for
multiple technology companies including Kinetics
Inc., National Semiconductor Security Business Unit,
and a division of Novell Inc. He is President of
Meridian Executive Resources a retained executive
search firm developing management teams for high
growth technology companies. Meridian also provides
senior entrepreneurial coaching and consulting in
support of early-stage company funding programs.

Official Website: http://www.scea.org/NewsEvents/EventsDetail.asp?NID=183

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