401Cortland Ave
San Francisco, California 94110

When: Thursday, December 13, 2007

What: Conversation and signing with prominent

Who: Mark Schapiro: Exposed at Red Hill Books

Where: Red Hill Books
401 Cortland Avenue
Bernal Heights
San Francisco

Public info: 415-648-5331

Investigative reporter Mark Schapiro explains in a new
book that toxic chemicals exist in many of the
products we handle every day agents that can cause
cancer, genetic damage and birth defects, lacing
everything from our gadgets to our toys to our beauty
Schapiro argues that that policy isn't just bad for
public health: In an increasingly green economy, he
says, American businesses stand to get shut out of a
huge market. Schapiro, editorial director of the
nonprofit Center for Investigative Reporting, has
written for Harper's, The Nation, Mother Jones and The
Atlantic Monthly. His book is called Exposed: The
Toxic Chemistry of Everyday Products, and What's at
Stake for American Power.

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