420 Mason St
San Francisco, California 94102

Ruby Skye presents Mark Farina & Miguel Migs

Mark Farina (djmarkfarina.com, Great Lakes Audio, Om, Apt, SF)

and Miguel Migs (myspace.com/djmiguelmigs)

with Pat Allen (myspace.com/djpatallen)

"I look at my job as a modern day traveling minstrel, to bring new music to as many places as I can, and expose obscure records that, otherwise, might go hidden." While Mark Farina may be able to sum up his job description in a sentence, there is much more to be written.

This wandering record minstrel has played to incredible crowds all over the globe. Consistently drawing new fans to his style of chunky-funky rhythms and deep underground house, Mark plays upwards of 300 shows to over 300,000 club goers per year. Voted in the top 20 DJ's in the world by MUZIK and BPM Magazine, his taste making skills continue to turn the heads of seasoned veterans as well as youngsters just getting into the music.

Migs' rapid rise to the upper echelons of the DJ world is directly related to his abundant production output. But that's not to discount his substantial DJing skills or his unerring feel for what grooves the dance floor. In a city where everyone is a DJ, Migs is an international entity. "Being a professional DJ was never my goal or intention in any way, shape, or form," he admits. "I wanted to play live music, that's my favorite thing in the world. It's weird because you get different energies from people, people expect things, want things, or dog you. I'm just doing my thing solely because I love it so don't be judging me too hard.

I am a 15 year veteran DJ of the San Francisco, Bay Area. I am a very proud and thankful resident DJ for Mixed Elements. I specialize in rocking the crowds whether it is hip hop or house music. Living in the most diverse area, you have to be able to adapt to the crowds needs. God gave me the gift and talent to express myself through music and give people a feeling they have never felt before through music. My high is seeing people happy on the dance floor, so I give them what they want. My passion is vocal house music with remixes of old school tracks.

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Cover: $15

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