Woodhouse Lane
Leeds, England

Well its the release day of Mario Kart, I know a lot of you are ninendo fans so I thought we could make a social thing of it... a few wii's, a few projectors and some good laughs...

the possibilty of doing a mini tournment for charity is also on the cards if we get enough intrest

(this is a FREE event for anyone) and you don't need to bring a Wii or Mario Kart (we may need to borrow a few wii's if we get enough people) )

I will update this with more information as and when

Added by Dominic Hodgson on March 13, 2008



If I can't make it to the venue, no doubt I'll be online to fire a few red shells up you all!

ring ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding!!


Ooh, wii @ OBH is pretty good actually. I might seriously have to think about coming across for this!


I'm in.


This is a good idea. I am probably coming and also bringing two colleagues from work.

Do you need people to bring wii-motes? If so I can bring a couple although I will not have the moulded plastic wheel case that all the Mario Kart reviewers seem to be so crazy about.


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Dominic Hodgson

ok if anyone wants to bring there own Wii and other games, feel free I feel we have afew too many people for one Wii,


I'll bring my Wii and whatever peripherals I can fit into my rucksack (4 wiimotes, two steering wheels, a couple of gamecube pads?).
I bought Mario Kart Wii this morning. Will also try and get a friend to bring his import copy of Smash Brothers: Brawl. And I'll throw in a copy of Mario Strikers for good measure, for the full Nintendo love :D

See you at 6!