777 108th Ave NE Ste 2500
Bellevue, Washington 98004

What you will Learn:
Four years ago, three friends wrote down their personal goals to see whether their aspirations were a good fit for creating a company. Out of their own process came the inspiration for 43Things.com, a Webby Award-winning social networking site and profitable company.

43 Things helps people share their aspirations online and connect with like-minded individuals, creating lightweight communities around common goals. 17,104 people share and discuss the goal of getting married on 43 Things. With a half-dozen staff, a low-rent Capitol Hill office, bootstrapped operations, and unconventional financing, they've built a business that meets their own goals as well as their users'.

In the process, Robot Co-op raised $1MM from Amazon.com, published a book, created five more social sites, and served 2 million registered users. In his talk, Josh Petersen, a veteran of Amazon.com and Microsoft, will explain why he thinks all companies should be run more
like lifestyle businesses.

COME HEAR Josh Petersen tell us why he embraces "lifestyle business" as a badge of distinction, not a VC pejorative, and why there's a lot to learn from profitable, sustainable, personally-satisfying companies.

Join us on March 13th for what is sure to be an engaging breakfast. Register today to ensure a seat.

Official Website: http://www.nwen.org

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