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Geo Data and Mapping in Drupal 6

Mack is researching the current state of of geo location and mapping tools in drupal 6, and will report his findings to the group. Geolocation of groups, listings and people (as well as mapping them) are some of toolkit we can use to provide geo-relevant content to users. Mack will review the version 3x of the location API, and look at the state of Gmap and KML intengraiton as well as exploring the new NiceMaps module for displaying the data.

Mack Hardy is the founder of Affinity Bridge, and has been building web based technology in java, perl and PHP for over 12 years. His specialties are information architecture and analysis, managing production environments and managing development teams. Mack is a regular and respected presenter in the Vancouver Drupal community.

Drupal Q&A

Bring your questions on anything related to Drupal from how to do something technical in PHP to what modules are needed to implement a feature you want.

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