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?Getting your Message Across?

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Speaker: John Miers , Chairman, Black-Isle Communications Inc.

?Getting your Message Across?
Presentation is a skill that all business people need to master.

Presentation skills enable you to connect with an audience and convey a substantive message in a way that leaves the audience with a positive image of you and your message. In the past, lawyers spoke in a language the ordinary man could not understand. They have now been replaced by the IT community. Whatever your industry, you must know how to convey the message without making you seem overly complex. In other words, getting your message across in a way that will stand out from your competitors and win the business or the investment.

Speaker Profile:

John Miers is the Chairman of Black Isle Consultants. His discussion will touch upon the principles of spoken communication including ?what makes an audience listen? and ?how to use visual aids to enhance, not distract?. With offices in North America, Asia, Europe and the Middle East, Black Isle has extensive experience in all fields of communications, with emphasis on the spoken word. It?s client base includes politicians, senior business people and some of Canada?s major financial institutions and law firms.

This meeting is open to guests of NewPath Members so please invite clients, prospects or other B2B Freelance professsionals to attend.

Send them this link: http://www.evite.com/app/publicUrl/[email protected]/mar2006 and ask them to sign up for the event.

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