1st floor 5 Southampton St Covent Garden
London, England WC2E 7HA

With Chris Phillips

MapAction is a specialist aid charity that sends emergency mapping teams to major disasters worldwide, using GIS and GPS data collection to help create a shared operation picture for humanitarian decision makers/responders on the ground. Since 2004 MapAction teams have assisted in 18 disaster response efforts as well as training many hundreds of humanitarian professionals in basic geospatial methods.
Drawing on practical experience gained during deployments to Haiti, Myanmar Kenya and other locations, this talk will provide an overview of the humanitarian geospatial scene while looking at some of the problems of obtaining and providing timely geospatial information in a disaster situation , some of the tools available and lessons learned from 5 years in the field.

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Official Website: http://geospatial.bcs.org/web/?q=mapaction

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