85 E 4th St
New York, New York 10003

Maggie is confronted with her past, present and future as she moves from reality to reality in her exploration of philosophy, nature, love and the lines that bleed between. Axel and Maggie have been having an affair for so long it seems like a marriage, and all the motel rooms are beginning to look alike. Today, however, Maggie has to decide whether to reveal a serious truth, as Axel, in his self-obsessed way, ponders the Many Worlds theory of quantum physics. He considers the idea that in each moment, with each decision we make, another world begins and continues simultaneously with the one we inhabit. As the conversation continues several possible "other worlds" open up, some even involving Maggie's husband, Skip. As they are sucked in and out of these different worlds, it becomes harder and harder for the couple to re-connect and harder for Maggie to reveal the truth about herself, a truth that will drastically alter their routine of an affair and change their lives forever. 'Many Worlds' leaves the audience with a reminder: that life has unimaginable possibilities... but only one ending.

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