49 Cheltenham Place
Brighton, England BN1 4AB

This event is a dress rehearsal for the "Many Paths to the Top of the (Mobile) Mountain" workshop which Joh Hunt and Tom Hume will be presenting at Agile2009 in Chicago at the end of August. For more details, see:


We'll be exploring an iterative design process over the course of a 90 minute workshop. It'll be hands-on, with attendees splitting into groups and designing some small chunks of mobile user interface, regrouping and discovering what we've learned.

Doors will open at 7:30pm and we'll start at 8:00pm. There'll be discussion afterwards, either at the Skiff or in a nearby pub.

Brought to you by the Brighton Agile Forum.

Added by twhume on May 25, 2009



I'm planning to attend this.
Cian OConnor


I plan to be there too. Always assuming that commenting here amounts to the "Sign up" Tom has asked for.

Dave English