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Manuel Castells is our foremost theorist of the power of communication in modern society

His new book Communication Power is a natural progression from his 'Network Society' trilogy - a powerful, forward-looking analysis of communication in the Network Society

4ip are delighted to host a breakfast seminar with Manuel Castells on 10 July at One Alfred Place

In this wide-ranging and powerful book, Manuel Castells analyses the transformation of the global media industry by this revolution in communication technologies. He argues that a new communication system, mass self-communication, has emerged, and power relationships have been profoundly modified by the emergence of this new communication environment. Created in the commons of the Internet this communication can be locally based, but globally connected. It is built through messaging, social networks sites, and blogging, and is now being used by the millions around the world who have access to the Internet.

Justly celebrated for his analysis of the network society, Castells here builds on that work, offering a well grounded and immensely challenging picture of communication and power in the 21st century. This is a book for anyone who wants to understand the dynamics and character of the modern world.

Official Website: http://4ipcastells.eventbrite.com/

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