2000 South IH 35
Round Rock, Texas


Blood Frenzy
Dare to enter an abandoned factory and see if you can find your way out!!! The choices you make will have consequences on others in your group or innocent bystanders!!! Choose carefully and let the BLOOD FRENZY begin!!!

Slaughter Circus
Witness live freaks stitched together by man and born of nature! Be amazed by acts of murder and bloody torture! See a small inbred town torn apart by this three ring horror. Will you live to see the end of SLAUGHTER CIRCUS???

This haunted house has intense sequences of graphic violence, extensive blood and gore, small claustrophobic enclosed areas, extended periods of total darkness, strobe special effects. This attraction may be too intense for patrons under 13 years of age.

Official Website: http://www.mansionofterror.com

Added by folkie on October 9, 2008