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Hello again,

The Manifesting Meetups have been such a wonderful success, that this is now a standing monthly meeting. Remember the key to manifestation is focus and attention, which is why continued affirmations and positivity is crucial to success; having monthly hypnosis sessions to reaffirm your outcomes is an incredible opportunity.

Using hypnosis to facilitate Law of Attraction is an amazing tool for burying those seeds of desire deep within your being, helping your focus and internalizing those seeds in deeper, more powerful ways than you can imagine. So a monthly live hypnosis session is a terrific way to routinely, easily and pleasantly recommit and refocus your goals.

And for the price of a movie..


These sessions are designed to help you create the things in your life that you truly desire. Some of us think we know what we want, but then use thoughts and actions that are totally contrary to our goals, while others aren't really sure what they want, other than not being 'here' and/or 'now'. If you've watched the The Secret or What the Bleep Do We Know? (highly recommended by the way, if you haven't seen them) then you'll know that the key to manifestation is to know precisely what you want and then hold that thing in your focus.

Or as my mentor used to tell me, 'Intention and Attention = Magic'.

Unfortunately, most of us are burdened by our negative beliefs and attitudes. So, even when we know what we want, our subconscious programming keeps us from achieving. As I tell my clients, knowing something is like having a seed that sits on top of the soil; with hypnosis, we can't take that seed and plant it deep within you, making it a part of the fabric of who you are.

Join us for an educational and experiential evening where you can learn to start consciously and subconsciously Manifesting Your Desires. As always, a $10 voluntary donation is requested to cover costs of the class and please be sure to bring water and a comfy cushion or pillow if you would prefer that to a chair for the hypnosis session.

See you there!


Official Website: http://www.meetup.com/Hypnotic-TranceFormation/calendar/11227989/

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