Granville Island
Vancouver, British Columbia

Granville Island Manhunt!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

7:30pm - 10:00pm

Granville Island

Anderson St and Cartwright st

Contact InfoPhone:
[email protected]

After much demand, we will be invading the new territory of Granville Island. This is going to be rad! We will be meeting on the wood bridge under the big bridge along Anderson Street before beginning the rampage through the island.


Manhunt is a hide-and-seek variant. The game starts out with one person, known as the MANHUNTER, who is “it”. After the manhunter has been selected, the FUGITIVES have 120 seconds to hide.

If a FUGITIVE is tagged by a MANHUNTER, she or he is BRAINWASHED and forced to join the side of the MANHUNTERS. At the end of the designated time limit, all FUGITIVES who have not been arrested are declared the winners.

Play occurs within predetermined boundaries. If a FUGITIVE exits these boundaries for any reason, she/he joins the MANHUNTERS. Players are identified as being distinct from the general civilian population by means of a HIGHLY-VISIBLE ARMBAND.

Official Website:

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