140 Second Avenue @ 9th Street
New York City, New York

"Earlier this year, Republican State Representative David Monn (North Dakota) filed suit against the Drug Enforcement Administration and the US Department of Justice for the right to grow hemp without federal government interference. Learn where this lawsuit is
at, and learn about other measures being taken across the country to protect farmers who want to--and economically must--grow this important plant. Read about the events leading up to the lawsuit here:

"Valerie Vande Panne has covered the hemp industry for both Reason and High Times magazines. You can read her coverage of the last time the DEA was
sued--successfully--by the hemp industry here:


6:30 - Business meeting
7:30 - Speaker
9:00 - Drinks and discussion

Official Website: http://www.ManhattanLP.org

Added by RonMoore on October 30, 2007