140 Second Avenue @ 9th Street
New York City, New York

Meeting Description:

6:30 Dinner, conversation and brief announcements
7:30 Ed Hedemann presentation and Q&A

Ed Hedemann, speaking on behalf of the NYC War Resisters League, will discuss the 2008 War Tax Boycott.

Believing war to be a crime against humanity, the War Resisters League, founded in 1923, advocates Gandhian nonviolence as the method for creating a democratic society free of war, racism, sexism, and human exploitation.

For over five years peace activists have voted, lobbied, marched, and taken direct action to first prevent and then end the war in Iraq. Courageous soldiers have refused to fight the war. But Congress repeatedly votes to appropriate billions of dollars to continue the war and appears ready to authorize a future military attack on Iran.

The organizers and signers of the 2008 War Tax Boycott urge all who oppose this war to register and prepare for an April 2008 nationwide boycott and redirection of the federal income taxes that fuel the war in Iraq.

Official Website: http://www.manhattanlp.org

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