140 Second Avenue @ 9th Street
New York City, New York

The Manhattan Libertarian Party will hold its monthly meeting this
Monday, Feb. 11.

When: 6:30 p.m.

Where: Ukrainian East Village Restaurant, 140 Second Avenue (between
9th Street and St. Mark's)

Guest speaker: YOU

This month's meeting is going to be different. We chose not to book a guest speaker, because we want all of the focus to be on mapping out a game plan for the Manhattan Libertarian Party. The New York Primary is now behind us, but a big political year is still ahead of us. Of course the main event is the election in November, but there is a ton of work to do before then if we are going to have a positive impact.

What will Ron Paul do?
What should we do about Ron Paul?
What about the (other) Libertarian Presidential candidates?
What about running candidates for other offices?
How else can we promote freedom?

These and other questions will be the topic of this Monday's meeting. We hope to see you all there but we'd also like to hear from all of you and get your thoughts.

Also remember it's a good idea to join the Manhattan Chapter of the Libertarian Party (The MLP) to have the maximum impact. You don't have to change your voting status. You can remain registered as a Democrat, Republican - or whatever and still be a member of the Manhattan LP. That gives you the right to vote, for example when we nominate local candidates in the spring.

Hope to see you Monday.

Official Website: http://www.manhattanlp.org

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