Oxford Road
Manchester, England M13 9PL

We have not yet got anything definite this meeting; some proposed talks have not yet materialised. We're all a tad busy being reorganised, but do please come if you'd like a social get-together, and of course discussions and help will be available as usual.

A EEE/XO talk have been discussed on the mailing list, so expect conversation and a show & tell.

ManLUG normally meets at 14:00 hrs on the third Saturday of the month with the odd exception like December which would be too close to the Christmas festivities. We try and get two willing volunteers to give a talk for each meeting, but sometimes this is hard work. Installfests are usually held around twice a year. (April/October)

As a matter of policy, the University have asked us to bring some photo identification to show the porters if we are asked. Please remember that the University is kind enough to let us use their facilities without a fee, so perhaps we can agree to this gracefully.

Official Website: http://www.manlug.org/

Added by Nik_Doof on February 8, 2008

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