Oxford Road
Manchester, England M13 9PL

There is a lot of buzz, confusion and FUD around the subject of clouds these days. Each of the vendors is trying to tell you why their solution is best. In this talk you'll learn about the strengths and weaknesses of the various cloud types and understand what questions to ask when deciding which one of them, if any, is right for the problem you're trying to solve. This talk will interest anyone who is confused by what the real difference is between the various cloud types or is curious about how "the cloud" can help them.

The talk will be given by Chris Read. Chris is a Principal Consultant and Infrastructure Specialist at ThoughtWorks Inc., where he helps clients design and impliment their production infrastructure, and make the process of deploying their software as painless as possible.

Official Website: http://manchestergeeknights.wetpaint.com/

Added by Andy Robinson on December 23, 2009