Albert Square
Manchester, England M60 2LA

Flickr Meets are always fun affairs; you meet lots of nice friendly people, get to discuss photography tips and tricks with fellow Flickrites, be embarrassed over your lacklustre photography equipment, get confused over remembering so many people's names and much, much more!

Christmas Flickr meets are more of the same but tend to involve a lot more continental sausage, Bavarian beer and Glühwein - and this one aims to deliver more festive cheer than you could ever dream of.

Manchester-based Flickr members new and old are welcome to join in on the 2008 Christmas Markets Flickr Meet. Set for 12th December, you will find fellow Flickrites congregating under Zippy / Santa in Manchester's Albert Square from 5pm onwards.

More details to follow.

Official Website:

Added by coxy on November 6, 2008


Mr Dayglo

sadly will have to pass on this one.


I can't work out if your absence means more people will want to come, or less? :P

Mr Tickle

waah! sounds good, but I can't go...


sign me up!!!


Sign yourself up! Hit the 'I'm Going' button to the top right. :P

ceeque signed up and everythin`


the button has been hit!


wooyay, see you then :)

Salford Ian

Provisionally interested.


Yeah, looking forward to it!


yeah baby yeah

Mr Dayglo

breaking news - I might now be on for this one....

the brambling finch

I want to come!


This will be my first time so really looking forward to it.


This is great, I have been looking for ways to meet people and learn more about this photography thingy lol

Hope to see you all there