The Lowry Outlet Mall, Salford Quays
Manchester, England M50 3AG

An evening's snapping round Salford Quays for the Manchester UK Flickr group and friends!

The Plan
Meet at 7pm at Lime (opposite the Lowry theatre). We'll stay there for an hour then head out (that'd be at 8pm then, for any non-mathematicians) for some low-light photography of shiny buildings and reflections and water and bridges and stuff.

Bring a tripod! And of course a camera!

The Map
The link to Google Maps at the top just gives you a map of the USA which is handy. Call me a smart-arse but I reckoned I could do better:

View bitrot's better map!

Official Website:

Added by bitrot on May 18, 2007



Obviously I deffintley can't make this one but I may be able to make the one on the 28th (Bank Holiday Monday provided finances allow)


Might not be able to make it - sorry - broken a tooth - depends onhow much junk the dentist pumps in this afternoon..... :-(