50 Great Bridgewater Street
Manchester, England M1 5LE

Manchester BSD User Group has a rich history, with such notable events as suggesting to Turing he write a paper on a universal "machine" of some sort, producing a prototype device that was ultimately the inspiration for the blockbuster 1985 film "Weird Science" - Kelly LeBrock is an honorary member - and we also have documentary evidence that Steve Jobs stole every original, creative idea he's ever had, right from our brains via thought rays.

OK, that's all lies. Except the bit about Kelly LeBrock: if she wants to show up, we'll buy her a Bacardi Breezer.

We're really just a small bunch of BSD Unix systems administrators, developers and geeks who meet in a pub in Manchester on the first Tuesday of each month, talk utter nonsense with each other, ferment revolution, inspire, elucidate and share knowledge. In other words we behave as young gentleman should (although girls are welcome, we've never actually met a female Unix geek).

We concentrate on BSD for two reasons:

1. The Linux guys have got their own Manchester meeting, and some of our members are allergic to Linux. You didn't know the GPL can cause nose-bleeds and dry skin did you? Now you do. Think about THAT the next time you hand out discs down Market Street, you bloody communist.

2. We've found lots of other types of Unix people like proper meetings with projectors and slides and an 'agenda' or something. We've found BSD Unix people to be more prone to going to the pub and drinking beer, so we created an event to fit. Although, when I say 'event' please don't raise your expectations - we're some guys getting drunk, it's not photo-worthy.

Our website is down right now, but you can contact us via [email protected] if you need to.

Added by Paul_Robinson on September 27, 2006