6-9 Carlton House Terrace
London, England

An R and D Society event

Professor John Bessant, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Group, Imperial College Business School (chair)
Peter Davies CBE, former CEO of PERA
David Coates, Technology Strategy Board
Professor Roy Sandbach, Proctor and Gamble

"Close to $1 trillion is being spent every year on R&D in public and private sector around the world, - and as a result the innovation challenge has moved from one in which knowledge creation is the key question to one in which knowledge flows become of increasing significance. The problem is exacerbated because the location of knowledge production has shifted – it is no longer a matter of a few major players creating knowledge but rather a globally distributed and diverse knowledge economy. This situation is mirrored on the demand side – markets are globalised, fragmented and increasingly virtual so conventional market research approaches may not be sufficient. As we begin to understand the implications of 'open innovation' we need to learn ways of managing knowledge trading - not all the smart guys work for us, so accessing what's out there and widely making our own knowledge more widely available becomes ever more important."

The meeting will take the form of a series of short presentations from the panellists followed by a panel discussion stimulated by questions from the audience.

Official Website: http://www.rdsoc.org/09S1.html

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