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Recent economic earthquakes and other changes are beyond startling. New dimensions have been added to the complexities of managing in order to secure, maintain, and grow your business.
You need to know how to manage, lead, and deal with your staff, products, customers, suppliers, and competitors. Some think cost-cutting is the only way. It isn't.

We prepared this seminar to help you understand:
--Duration and impact of previous recessions
--Issues that have been important to others
--Tactics to expect from your customers and your competitors
--Chaotic times are opportunities
--How to change how you do business!
--Strategic themes for management and in verbal communication
--Planing for the unthinkable disaster, the unbelievable opportunity, and exploiting the recovery

The presenters have a broad array of experience, from management in Silicon Valley, to venture capital, to green field factories in Africa.

John Gale
President of Taligo, LLC. John was VP for Magnify (later acquired by CheckPoint), VP and CTO for a strategic venture capital unit of ITOL (UK), advised a strategic fund for NEC during the 2001-2003 recession, promoted during 3 turnarounds.

Frank Gow
Created green field operations in 3 countries. Frank's investments resulted in 3 IPOs as well as acquisitions by Cisco & Matsushita

Ahmet Alpdemir
Technology commercialization. Raised capital in 2001-2003 recession. Managed microprocessors at Intel during 1985 slump.

Steven Cerri
Steven coaches execs how to manage teams in times of crisis and the unique challenges of stress, denial, and negative orientations

Craig DeNoce
CEO/CMO for 4 startups, strategy and biz development at Oracle & Sybase. Go-to-Market planning & execution, corporate and product marketing

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Sorry, no walk-ins will be accepted.

$55.00. Advance registration required.

Official Website: http://managinguncertainty.eventbrite.com/

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