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Where is your organisation in terms of capability maturity?
• Why is knowing where you are critical?
• How can you plot where you are and where you are heading?

What functions does a digital team perform?
• Strategy and planning – online value proposition, channel integration, analytics
• Customer acquisition – Search, affiliates, display ads and PR
• Customer conversion – web log-in, email, SMS
• Customer retention – web personalisation, email, SMS, loyalty
• Web content and design – usability
• Operational management – backend management (warehouse and stock management)
• Central IT/technology – web hosting, security, content management system

In-house or outsourced – how do you decide?
• Organisational outsourcing philosophy
• Willingness to invest and carry staffing fixed costs
• Ability to recruit and train staff
• Skills needed to manage a process through third party partners

Where should a digital team sit in an organisation?
• Part of Marketing • Part of IT • Separate E-Commerce Team
• Part of Direct Sales/Channels

What should the structure of an e-commerce team be?
• Customer lifecycle-based
• Functionally-based
• Direct-channel-based

Who are the key players in a digital team?
• Senior management
• Acquisition management and specialists
• Conversion management and specialists
• Retention management and specialists
• Technical management and specialists

What skills does a digital team need?
• Marketing strategy and planning
• Analytical
• Project management
• IT/technical
• Inspiring staff and building a team

Who manages the digital team’s corporate interface
• With IT
• With senior management
• With offline marketing
• Some blindspots and how to avoid them

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