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With Olaf Wiig, Anita McNaught, Scott Peterson. Moderated by Lyse Doucet.

Hear first hand what it means to be taken hostage in a conflict zone and the impact the increased threat of kidnapping will have on war reporting.

Join us as we discuss how to deal with a hostage crisis in conflict zones from people who experienced it themselves and find out what it means for the future of war reporting.

"You are going to hell" was what freelance cameraman Olaf Wiig and reporter Steve Centanni from Fox News were told when they were taken at gunpoint by masked gunmen in Gaza on August 14th.

The kidnappings of Christian Science Monitor’s Jill Carroll, Il Manifesto’s Giuliana Sgrena, Christian Chesnot (RFI) and George Malbrunot (Le Figaro) demonstrate a dangerous increase in hostage taking from conflict zones for political or financial gain.

What helps and what doesn't when trying to get a hostage released? Who to listen to and who to ignore? What worked for Olaf Wiig and Jill Carroll and what didn’t? What are the implications for those who are planning to work in conflict zones? And what responsibility does the media have to safeguard its people?

Olaf Wiig - New Zealand-born freelance cameraman specializing in conflict zones, held for 14 days in Gaza City.

Anita McNaught - British/New Zealand freelance journalist and former BBC World presenter. From Gaza she helped campaign for husband Olaf's release.

Scott Peterson - US-born Middle East Correspondent for The Christian Science Monitor and photographer for Getty Images, based in Istanbul. He ran the effort on the ground in Baghdad to free Jill Carroll.

Moderated by Lyse Doucet - presenter and correspondent for BBC World television and BBC World Service radio.

Official Website: http://www.thefrontlineclub.com

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