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London, England

Aimed at managers in digital or creative agencies, this new course aims to empower delegates with an improved knowledge of management and leadership tools. It will also provide delegates with a set of practical steps so that they can use put their new knowledge into immediate use.

Who should attend?

You are probably a manager is a small to mid-sized business and probably haven't been given much in the way of formal training on how to be a leader or a manager. Perhaps you have fallen into the role or it has come as a consequence of being a business owner or one of the more seasoned people within your organisation. Whatever happened, you think your performance and that of your team might be better with a combination of time to reflect on what you are doing and expert advice.

More than a training day

The delegates need practical tools that can help them translate what they have learnt during the course into their everyday practice. Many training programmes for small to mid scale organisations are not always mindful of the fact that they have limited human and financial resources available to them. The course will signpost individuals to places they can get further support and help with developing their organisations and/or projects. Our workshops will always end with a practical “what next” look at how delegates can take their learning forward.

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