Basement of Miller Hall at Tufts University
Somerville, Massachusetts 02155

This show, hosted by the same people who brought you Edan, The Hold Steady, Thunderbirds are Now!, The Unicorns, The Arcade Fire, and many many others, will be FREE TO EVERYONE. As long as the fire marshall is happy, any and everyone is invited to see these two stellar bands in an intimate venue for $0.00. Tell all your friends and get there early...this is not to be missed.

Added by Goralnik on August 10, 2006



If you have any questions, please post them here. Thank you very much.


How do you get their via the T?


Go to Davis on the red line. Get off, cross the street, and at the little plaza, there's a stop for a shuttle that goes to comes every 15 minutes or so. Get on and ask the driver/a friendly passenger where to get off for Miller Hall, and they will kindly direct you. You can also walk from the T. Its about 15 minutes; go up College Ave and take a left on Professor's Row. About 100 feet in and on your left is the Campus Center, where again, you will find all kinds of helpful people who can direct you to Miller. Hope this helps, and hope to see you at the show.


pitchfork has this show listed as students only. is this true?


re: "how to get there"... this map shows Miller Hall on Tufts' "Medford Campus" [note to Goralnik: save this link for future reference].

The address is 210 Packard Ave. (rear), Medford MA, although if using Mapquest or Google Maps, "270 Packard Ave." gives a better idea of the actual building location.


The show is NOT students only. That is listed on pitchfork and other media outlets for contractual reasons.


what time will man man be going on?


i go to northeastern, will i be able to take the T back after the show?


i go to northeastern too, man.

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when does asobi go on? what time will the show start/end?


To answer your many questions:

You should be able to take the T back to usually stops running around 1, and if all goes well, our show will be over around midnight. Soeaking of our show and times, here are the set times:

8:15pm Coyote (30 min)
9:00pm Asobi Seksu (50 min)
10:10pm Man Man

Thank you for your interest. I am excited to see all of you there.