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Goings-on among the speed set
by Johnny "Pistons" O'Herlihy

For any motorist, there's a time for work... getting grease and grit beneath your fingernails as you dig around in the belly of some oil-dripping roadster... and then there's a time to clean up, and suit up. You never saw Paul Newman or Steve McQueen walk the track smeared with engine blood. You saw 'em in crisp white race duds, looking as dashing as their vehicles.

So it goes for the boys of Man and the Motorcar as they look forward to their first lap of Tangier -- the Monte Carlo of east-side hipster hangouts. With its exotic ambiance and swank cocktails, the place should add a dash of class to the Motorcar's high-octane brew. Expect clean shirts, ties... and rock.

Plus: the race date - 8/8/08 -- is a snap to remember. Just think of three V8 engines, at full roar.

Fellow motorists TBA. Dress up a bit and get a complimentary pat on the back from the bandmember of your choice. In this race, everyone wins.

See you at the track...

Official Website: http://www.myspace.com/manandthemotorcar

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