152 Ludlow Street
New York City, New York 10002

San Francisco's Ettrick is a self-destructive free jazz/black metal assault featuring two multi-instrumentalists rotating through every permutation of their drum and sax duo. Jacob Felix Heule and Jay Korber explore the extreme sounds that can be wrenched from their instruments through brute force – screaming through saxophones, throwing drums and other such impolite extended techniques. The doubled instrumentation provides a situation to explore playing contrasting and complimentary styles on like instruments.
“...a bludgeoning amalgam of black metal and skronk sure to summon the apocalypse... an excruciating free jazz that feels like being trapped in a metal shed during a thunderstorm.” -- San Francisco Bay Guardian

Malkuth & Under Satan's Sun
Black metal side projects of No Neck Blues Band members.

Bad Faces
Members of Metalux and Child Abuse.

Little Women
Brooklyn jazz quartet.

Official Website: http://ettrick.org

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