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Calgary, Alberta

From Ben Evans:
I'm trying to help organize an event for the September 10 Make Poverty History event.

What we have in mind is a walk to city hall, some speeches (esp thanking them for adopting ethical purchasing policy), some entertainment/noisemaking, and then the formation of a large ring around city hall by as many of us as possible, preferably wearing white. If we get too small a turnout, we can just form a largish ring in the park across from city hall.

Here's what we need to be thinking about:
1) Who wants to, and who should, give a couple of speeches?
2) Who wants to, and who should, do some attention-getting entertainment?
3) What do we need and how can we get it? (PA system, spare white t-shirts, MPH bracelets, publicty, etc.)
4) Who can volunteer on the actual day to help organize people?
5) What else would be a good idea? Who else wants to get in on this?

Added by Grant Neufeld on August 15, 2005

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