1433 Van Dyke Ave.
San Francisco, California 94124

The dashing Mercedee hosts another class. It's on how to fashion a wristlet purse made entirely from plastic bags...except for the button. Bring some friends. We're all gonna learn some crochet basics while we be sippin' on tea and juice, laid back.

Required Materials: If you've got it, one favorite button and about 20 used plastic bags. We know you've been dutifully telling the check-out people at Blockbuster and Walgreen's "no thanks" on the plastic bags, but you will nonetheless have some lurking about. If by some miracle you don't, brava. We'll hook you up. And speaking of hooks, an N-size crochet hook--again, if you have it. If not, we'll have a few extras. Let us know upon check out if you'll need a hook-up...sorry, I'll stop. Visit www.madefromscrap.org to register for classes and sign up for our newsletter to be updated about other recycling workshops and classes.

About Made From Scrap

Made From Scrap is a company designed and built by artists, instructors, and students, those who want to learn, investigate, tinker, recycle, teach, meet, and have fun. Our goal is to inspire and foster the Bay Area's growing community of resourceful do-it-yourselfers, crafters, and artists. Our focus is recycling and how it can be more than throwing something into a blue bin. In our imaginations, it's dynamic, immeasurable, sustainable, and a catalyst for developing community. All are encouraged to attend classes as well as lead them.

We found our nesting ground by partnering with the sexiest underground behemoth of San Francisco imagination: The Cataclysmic Megashear Ranch on 1433 Van Dyke, in the Bayview neighborhood. They've opened their doors to us, a once in a lifetime chance to take a peak into this undercover assemblage of artists. Now we all have a reason to come to Bayview.

We offer classes in a variety of crafting areas, including crocheting, metal working, wood working, paper printing, screen printing, sewing, mosaic, circuitry, ceramics, glass, fashion, recycling, jewelry making, recreation, textile working, and much more!

All in all, we are a big family of just about any one who wants to make things from scrap. Check us out at


Official Website: http://www.madefromscrap.org

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