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In this era of busy multi-dimensional lifestyles, how do we achieve and maintain this ideal called "wellness"?

Come and learn how simple phytonutrients can play a major role in helping you achieve and maintain optimal health. What makes these nutrients so powerful and how can we include them in our diet? The answers to these questions hole the key to improving your wellness!

Presented by the Wellness Aging Team: Dr. Pamela Jeanne, ND, and Sarah Stebbins, Ph.D., C.P.C

Dr. Pamela Jeanne has over 40 years in the medical field, first as a critical care nurse and then as a Naturopathic Physician. She recognizes the need for a shift in health care from "crisis/disease" management to "wellness and prevention." Explaining how to support the body nutritionally for it to function properly is the message Dr. Jeanne delivers with passion!

Dr. Sarah Stebbins, a management consultant and executive coach, is committed to her own wellness. Fully recognizing the importance of personal accountability in maintaining good health, Dr. Stebbins, based on her own experience, is committed to helping others understand the choices they have for supporting their own wellness.
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Dr. Sarah Stebbins, [email protected]

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