200 Second Avenue North
Seattle, Washington 98109

Infinite Connections reunites Uniting Souls, IOSIS Art Party, Decibel Festival and Breaks & Freaks for...

@ Pacific Science Center

200 2nd Ave N. Seattle, WA 98109

9pm - 4am

18+ are welcome, 21+ w/ID

Tickets are $45 VIP and $21 1st tier (limited time offer):


$45 VIP will get you expedited entrance to the event, expedited bar line, complimentary coat check, and a gift bag full of surprises including CDs, stickers and more. Limited tickets so purchase soon!

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IOSIS Art Party Insect Trance

Sensient (Zenon Records - Australia - LIVE SET!) is the label head for Zenon Records in Australia. Zenons mission is to expose the psytrance world to a range of fresh and interesting music, and to expose new acts that write music outside the sphere of mainstream psytrance labels. The Zenon sound ranges from dark minimal, to deep tech-trance, to funky minimal, to smooth morning progressive, but always with a psychedelic bent and an increasing emphasis on pure musicality. It steers clear of the generic cheese trance so prevalent in todays psytrance scene, instead offering deep, intelligent music whilst maintaining the dance floor factor. Sensient's music follows along these lines. He tries to absorb the influence of many other musical styles (breaks, glitch, jazz fusion etc.) and incorporate them into his productions. With 3 solo albums plus heaps of tracks on different compilations and an active touring schedule that includes Voov, Boom, Fusion and Mexico with Son Kite, this is one act you don't want to miss. http://www.myspace.com/zenonrecords

Telepathik (Liquid Records - PDX - LIVE SET!) is the new Psytrance project of DJ/Producer Rain, the same mind behind international act Phutureprimitive. Rain first began DJing in 92 after discovering the new sound of Trance and Chillout music in the underground music scene. He later played a key role in bringing the sound of Trance and Goa to the Northwest (USA) in the early years of rave.... a time when house and techno were the standard. For a Psytrance project Telepathik is diverse in its sound, sometimes leaning towards a more progressive groove, sometimes melodic, while other times diving straight into a Full On driving frenzy. Never staying in any one place for very long, this music is always shifting and changing into new sounds and themes. This is dance music that takes both your mind and body on a journey. Telepathik is destined to follow in the footsteps of Phutureprimitive who has already become a top artist in its genre, performing in cities and countries throughout the United States, and Europe including New York, Los Angeles, England, Scotland, Portugal, Italy, Holland and Croatia. Having already gaining attention from international labels and festivals, Telepathik is set to release his debut album on Liquid Records in the near phuture. http://www.phutureprimitive.com/

Amanita (IOSIS Art Party - SEA) From the rain soaked environment of the North West and with a deep love for electronic music, Brian Parker local dj, producer, promoter and A&R Representative for Infinite Connections has been featured alongside a global family of innovative, and underground electronic music producers such as Hallucinogen, KoxBox, Ticon, Atmos, Jaia, Shpongle, Antix, Ace Ventura, Sun Control Species, and FreQ at a variety of festivals, gatherings and events up and down the Left Coast of the Americas. Having helped to throw events with various groups in California and the NW for the better part of a decade Brian teamed up with Infinite Connections in 2005 to help shape and create a series of events called IOSIS Art Parties. Bringing together a world of audio and visual alchemy IOSIS Art Party continues to merge the many exciting media available to artists and musicians to create interactive events and gatherings. While maintaining a deep respect for his psychedelic roots Amanita now seeks to bridge the crossover between progressive, electro and psychedelic trance while using original music, sampling and studio edits to create a unique and driving dancefloor experience.

Redublicans (SEA - LIVE BAND!)

Visuals by:

Seizure Labs was born out of the need for complete sensory overload, Seizure Lab burst onto the VJ scene in 2005. Combining technical wizardry, artistic creativity and a heavy dose of insanity, Seziure Lab provides audiences with a unique visual experience. Currently a collective started by a DJ (Shadowvex), a musician (Etienne), and a visual artist (Manuel), Seizure Lab utilizes cutting edge technologies to bring you the very freshest eyecandy. Custom tailored hardware, software and content for each performance ensures a deeply submersive experience. Seizure Lab has performed at/for Phoenix Fest, Earthdance, Iosis, Greensector, Psybooty Records, 28thday, Defcon, and many other clubs, events and festivals throughout the USA. Music is not just sound anymore thanks to Seizure Lab altering your consciousness with the language of music and images. http://www.seizurelab.com/

Art Exhibit curated by: Teresa Payne - Intense Payne

Erin Bohlmann Above all else, Erin is an artist. Whether she's using watercolor, or coloring your hair, creation has been at the root of everything she's done since before she would walk. Her earliest expressions included a drawing of a man in a top hat and glasses, done in purple crayon. Erin also painted murals to decorate bedroom walls for herself and her sister and at the age of 8 began study under Faye Holland, which focused on personal renditions of Impressionist pieces and culminated in her first show, at the age of 10. She continued to hone her talents as she grew, and was enrolled in the Running Start program, earning both high school and college-level credit focusing on both drawing and ceramics, while simultaneously receiving private training under Lee Wexler. She has been completely self-taught in her watercolor technique and is endlessly pursuing new methods for evolving within this vibrant, multi-faceted medium. Erin achieves the 'solid' look of her artwork through the many layers of color she uses to create a feeling of weight and depth, as well as the bright, bold colors that serve as her signature. Her subjects range from fantasies to angels; dragons to Alice in Wonderland. Erin's influences include: Amy Brown, Brom, Brian Froud and many others. She has completed her beauty school education, and currently works for a salon, but when if comes to her art, she creates as she lives: In Seattle, surrounded by many friends and two black cats. http://www.videlicetart.com/

Patrick Davis Wingmaker and Body artist to the most beautiful Goddesses and Fairies in Seattle

Gem is a fine artist/visual artist whose inspired to reflect and express the energy that's often unspoken in our thoughts. Through Redgem project, the artist created the concept that releases the powerful sense of awakening - using artistic approach. Every sound, touch, sight is pure contribution to Gem's live-art and she's compelled to unleash our 'inner child' to no limits. As being a responsive tool to her vision, Gem's work is about showing the movement, capturing the energy of the moment in the sense of healing. And Gem has been following the signs she sees in life, which is strongly connecting her mind to the source of creativity. Besides Redgem Project, Gem's paintings are created in different locations during her travels. The artist resided in California over 10years and is currently traveling. http://www.redgemproject.com

--Art Available for purchase--

Uniting Souls Animal House

MASTIKSOUL (4Kenzo Recordings - Portugal) Recently named Portugal's # 1 producer by Dance Club Magazine, and with features in Mixmag, Jockey Slut, and DJ Magazine, Mastiksoul will be making his Northwest debut at Magnetic 3!! From the days of his Tribal South EP to his current stature as an internationally acclaimed dj/producer, Mastiksoul's tracks have received full support from Ministry of Sound and heavyweights like Terry Francis & Nathan Coles (Fabric UK), Peace Division, Carl Cox, and Danny Tenaglia to name a few. His new world tour in support of his double-cd release "My House" includes collaborations with DJ Sneak, taking him across the globe, from Australia to Brazil to Germany, and we are very excited to have him in Seattle for this rare appearance! Help us give him a warm welcome to the Northwest! http://www.4kenzo.com

Ramiro (Uniting Souls SEA) A native of Bluefields, Nicaragua, Ramiro was exposed to Caribbean, Latin, and multi-cultural music from an early age, an experience enhanced by his years in New Orleans where his family relocated. During his early college years in San Francisco, Ramiro converged upon the electronic music phenomenon that was beginning to explode in the early 90s. From the Wicked Full Moons to Come-Unity, Stompy Stomp, and the legendary Sunset outdoor parties, Ramiro drew inspiration from being a part of the West Coast underground movement, which has now earned its place in the history of American electronic music culture. With the support of friends, Ramiro began producing his own events to showcase the talents of many local artists and musicians, and thus, in 1997, Uniting Souls was born. A resident of Seattle since 2000, Ramiro continues to work tirelessly to create a nurturing environment, ripe for artistic expression, having produced over 400 shows in the Northwest, and having played hundreds of others, from SF to LA, Miami to New York, Mexico City to Hawaii. All the while, Ramiro has been spearheading the recently launched record label Uniting Souls Music, with 3 consecutive sold-out releases, and more on the way. In addition to wearing all these hats, Ramiro LOVES dj'ing, with a penchant for deep stompy house. Welcome to Ramiro's house! http://www.unitingsouls.com

featuring Ari Joshua on live jazz guitar & Sklobot on sax & effects!

Jeromy Nail (Uniting Souls Music - Seattle) Legend has it that Jeromy began his journey into music at the age of 3 when he slaughtered his first buffalo on the plains of the Serengeti by hand, stretched and tanned its skin, and crafted his first drum. The rhythm has been in his blood ever since and he is known to still spin on buffalo hide slipmats to remind him of his roots. http://www.myspace.com/jeromynail

J-Sun (Innerflight Music - Seattle) has been involved in and around the dance music scene since 1994, and in 2004 launched the local tech-house label Innerflight Music. He's built up a following in the Northwest as an energetic performer with a deep crate and expressive style. With an affinity for funked out electro tech-house and breaks, J-Sun lays tracks with a style and originality guaranteed to keep the dance floor groovin. As a resident jock for Uniting Souls, he's played alongside performers such as Garth, Hipp-E, Derrick May, Adnan, Justin Martin, Chris Fortier, DJ Rap and Sunshine Jones. J-Sun works hard to keep Seattle's underground dance scene alive, whether he's throwing a party in a downtown loft or in the great outdoors. You can find him every Thursday at Nijo Sushi where he hosts "Night Music," a weekly showcase of local DJs. http://www.innerflight.com/

LoveVirus (Uniting Souls - SEA) is 3 years old. it was that long ago when Carter Wade aka djniugini, decided to infect the world with his positive energy. known to spin any genre from house to drum and bass, this talented dj, puts his own stamp on any type of music. be sure to catch this atypical, infectious dj on the uniting souls stage at magnetic three. you will love it!! http://www.unitingsouls.com; http://www.myspace.com/unitingsoulsmusic

Derrick Deepvibez' (Uniting Souls - SEA) Bay Area roots reflect in his production work, from his soulful hip-hop to his funky tribal tech house tracks. Now a resident of Seattle, at age 22, Deepvibez is the youngest member of the Uniting Souls family, and has kept busy performing alongside the greats of house, including Kaskade, Johhny Fiasco, and Miguel Migs. Deepvibez' sound comes straight from the soul, seamlessly blending his favorite aspects of jazzy, organic house with harder, techno-influenced, psychedelic sounds. Look for some great forthcoming tracks and DJ sets from this young prodigy! http://www.myspace.com/derrickdeepvibez

Breaks & Freaks Science Playground

DJ? Acucrack (CrackNation - Chicago - LIVE Set!) is the forward-thinking Chicago team of beat maestro and songwriter Jason Novak and producer Jamie Duffy. The Crack, as they are affectionately known, began as a side project to Novak and Duffy's industrial rock band Acumen Nation, which has toured with legendary acts like Lords of Acid, Skrew, KMFDM, and Ministry. They're not true DJs -- the "?" in DJ? Acucrack refers to the group's preference for making their own tracks, as opposed to just spinning other people's. Along with production work, Novak and Duffy's spontaneous live PAs have been known to convert even the most finicky drum and bass enthusiasts to a life of crackdom. Mostly filled with gritty in-your-face D&B, the group's fourth album The Dope King sounds much in tune with tech-step heavyweights Dom and Roland, Technical Itch, Decoder, and Usual Suspects. The drum programming on The Dope King never gets cookie-cutter and the album's leanings into the breakbeat, techno, and ambient arenas prove that The Crack's talents are not just limited to 2/4 timing. The duo's alarming earlier albums include Mutants of Sound, Sorted, and The Mutants Are Coming... Acucrack's music definitely provides a good soundtrack for getting your head kicked in; The Crack demands respect and should have no trouble finding it. http://www.myspace.com/djacucrack

Pure Cirkus was born in 2003 as a Seattle-based body art theatre group called P.U.R.E. (People Undergoing Real Experiences). For two years the group performed only within the small community of body modification and suspension, keeping to nightclubs and private events. In the summer of 2005, as they began combining both circus talents and body modification, the group realized that they had something far larger then they had ever imagined. On Oct 28th 2005, almost overnight, the group called P.U.R.E was transformed into PURE Cirkus and performed for the first time under their new name. By pulling together talented performers from all over the country they push the limits of the human mind and body by combining circus performance with Tribal theatre. They have embraced all forms of entertainers such as jugglers, clowns, sideshow freaks, fire, suspension and piercing enthusiasts, dancers, acrobats, aerialists, musicians and other circus and cabaret artists that have come together to build what will be a lasting circus that will entertain people for generations. http://www.purecirkus.com

Osiris Indriya (Iboga Records, Oracle Gatherings, IOSIS Art Party - SEA) is a true magician behind the decks. His studies in hermetic ritual magick and years of schooling in music composition have merged into an explosion of tribal percussion, deep atmospheres, and chunky basslines. His hard and funky tribal progressive sound has been featured along side Simon Posford (Shpongle / Hallucinogen - Twisted Records), Ticon (Digital Structures), Atmos and Human Blue (Spiral Trax / ACDC) and has made him as an official label DJ for the highly respected Iboga Records from Denmark (www.iboga.dk). Osiris has performed peak hour sets at Shambhala Music Festival in Salmo, BC; the Earthdance hub event in Laytonville, California; The Dreamtime Festival in Paonia, CO; The Double 6 in Kuta, Bali; and countless underground forest parties, beach parties, club nights and concerts all over the US, Canada and beyond. His first full length album, Reach Within, was released in 2005 and his remix debut was of Little Honey by Antix with Australias SunControlSpecies on the Twin Coast Remixes CD (IbogaCD34). Osiris has also co-produced countless events in the Pacific Northwest including the legendary Oracle Gatherings (www.oraclegatherings.com) and Infinite Connections IOSIS Art Parties (www.infiniteconnections.org). http://www.osirisindriya.com/

Noisemaker (SEA) NoiseMaker has recently been killing the underground scene with his "Hippy-Hop." This new sound focuses on transcending all genres and drawing continuous energy from the crowd. It's innovative and challenging approach is sure to keep audiences guessing what's next. With his increasing involvement in Beatcon and the downtown scene his fresh and diverse style can show up anywhere. For the last four years he's commanded attention on the decks, but with bookings like opening for BreakBeat Buddha and placing at several local dj battles his confidence and presence are combining with his skills- allowing NoiseMaker to truly live up to his name. http://www.myspace.com/206noisemaker

Skoi Sirius (Oracle Gatherings, audiblebicycleday - SEA) Hailing from a right ascension of 06h 45m 08.9173s and a declination of $B!](B16

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