1119 8th Ave
Seattle, Washington 98101

Co-presented with SEATTLE CITYCLUB. We are honored to help present this evening with Madeleine Albright, the U.S. secretary of state under President Clinton, and now a noted author. She is here with her timely new book, The Mighty and the Almighty: Reflections on America, God and World Affairs (HarperCollins). "...A devout Catholic (with recently discovered Jewish roots), Albright (Madam Secretary) is especially qualified to tackle the thorny subject of the role of faith in international relations. In a remarkable, accessible, even breezy style, she looks at these issues in light of recent history both abroad and at home, from the religious fundamentalism that led to the ouster of the shah of Iran to the invasion of Iraq and American hope that a political culture can emerge there that integrates democracy and Islam. But Albright also looks critically at President Bush...In this ambitious, thoughtful and wide-ranging treatment, Albright deftly balances the pragmatic need to confront religious-based unrest and the idealistic need to temper one's own personal beliefs in the public realm...Albright rejects the notion of a 'clash of civilizations' is in progress and wisely calls for care and nuance in how America approaches international confrontations that are tinged with religion." - Publishers Weekly. For tickets ($10, available in advance) and information, please call Seattle CityClub at (206) 682-7395. Town Hall Seattle is located at 1119 Eighth Avenue, 8th & Seneca.

Official Website: http://www.elliottbaybook.com/events/may06/albright.jsp

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