27 Park End Street
Oxford, England OX1 1HU

Made In Oxford

Photographic Exhibition by the Oxford Flickr Group
3rd – 31st October 2009 – free entry
(Opening night for press/exhibitors only 2nd October)
The Jam Factory, Holly Bush Row, Oxford, OX1 1HU (near main railway station)

The exhibition is the brainchild of a group of 30 local photographers who live, work and study in the Oxford area, most of whom had only met online before we decided to arrange this exhibition.

We’re here before term starts and we’re here when the tourists have jetted back to their own cities. And whilst it’s an outstandingly beautiful city to live in, it can get awfully boring photographing the Dreaming Spires again and again. So what we’ve set out to do is try and show you our Oxford instead. Every exhibitor has attached a little explanation to their photograph - what it is, why they took it. All the photos are geo-tagged and marked on the exhibition map so you can find out where we took them if you feel like exploring the city yourself.

Garrett Coakley, one of the organizers, said "It's been an exciting challenge setting up an exhibition when most of the exhibitors have only ever communicated online - it just goes to show that when you have a internet-based community of like-minded individuals you can translate that into a real-world event. We're looking forward to organising more events like this in the future."

If you’re visiting Oxford and fancy taking away a slightly more interesting souvenir than the usual set of cheesy postcards and an Oxford University T-shirt then take a card, visit the website link, and purchase yourself a gorgeous shiny new book with all the exhibition photographs in. You can also purchase prints and books at the venue.

What on earth is the Oxford Flickr Group? Can I join?

We met and arranged this exhibition via www.flickr.com, the online photo sharing website; we are the Oxford Flickr Group. We’re an informal group of amateur and semi-professional photographers based in the Oxford area who meet up at least once a month (usually in a pub).

We love taking photos, finding interesting things to shoot here where we live and welcoming new people to our city. There is normally a degree of photographic geekery happening but it’s certainly not a pre-requisite for joining in; we don’t care if you use your iPhone, a dinky little point-and-shoot camera or a fancy-pants film SLR with all the lenses. We certainly don’t compare mega pixels (okay, most of us don’t do that).

There’s no charge for joining and we’re a friendly bunch so if you’re interested in saying hello, come and find us on Flickr:

Officially there are 1,518 people in the group. Thankfully, not all of them come to the meet-ups.

Official Website: http://www.flickr.com/groups/oxford-uk/discuss/72157622457406342/

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